Chef Devagi Sanmugam

picture with mookuti

With a string of accolades that is as eclectic and imaginative as her recipes – cookbook author, food columnist, cooking instructor, entrepreneur and professional bon vivant – Chef Devagi Sanmugam, is one of Singapore’s most dynamic and talented food personalities. Whether she is concocting recipes for her latest project or conducting cooking classes for budding chefs, this Spice queen’s contagious enthusiasm transforms ordinary meals into dining adventures.

After umpteen appearances on TV cooking shows, 32 years of teaching kitchen newbies and chefs from France to Papua New Guinea, Uzbekistan to Australia, innumerable awards and assignments for both commercial clients and publishers, and hands-on-stints as a restaurateur and F&B consultant, she is still enthralled by the art of the kitchen.

Her repertoire extends from Asian cooking to snatches of other cuisines and baking. Besides classic recipes, she is known for her creativity in melding and mingling methods and ingredients to come up with innovative flavours, teasingly familiar, yet different. Ever positive and enthusiastic, she coaxes the best from her students by showing, sharing, and inspiring.

Chef Devagi is the owner of Epicurean World, a company providing culinary services including, developing, standardizing and testing original recipes and formulas, guiding clients on detailed food product specifications, production methods and procedures to ensure test kitchen consistency for food companies, hotels and restaurants worldwide. She advises and trains chefs and restaurant owners on setting up new commercial kitchens and general kitchen operation systems.

Equipped with an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessing conducted by Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA), she also helps food related companies in adopting and implementing the Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) Framework, including developing training programmes and assessment plans for chefs, restaurant owners and culinary students.

Chef Devagi launched a range of high quality ready-to-use Asian sauces, condiments and dips under the brand in commercial sizes for the restaurant and catering industry. These products allow caterers and restaurateurs to keep control over their meal preparation, without the fuss of having to prepare everything from scratch. All they need to do is just add vegetables and protein of their choice!

Chef Devagi is an avid blogger and has set a name for herself in the social media circle. She communicates her culinary skills and travel stories through her blogs

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