Mango Chocolate Tart

It is the mango season and you can see mangoes everywhere. Mangoes are fragrant, succulent and have rich flavour. Therefore, besides eating them as they are, there are several ways you can use them in cooking and baking. I don’t particularly like ripe mangoes cooked – I think it is a sin!! I prefer to use them as topping. Here is a wonderful way to use ripe mangoes.


40 g ground almond

160 g plain flour

50 g icing sugar

1/4 teaspoon salt

140 g Q.B.B. ghee, at room temperature

1 egg yolk


50 g corn flour

40 g caster sugar

5 egg yolks

380 g full cream milk

50 g caster sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

A pinch of salt

30 g Q.B.B. ghee

80 g milk chocolate, finely chopped

400 g thinly sliced mangoes


  1. TO MAKE THE ALMOND PASTRY, combine the ground almond, flour, icing sugar and salt in a bowl.
  2. Add in the Q.B.B. ghee and egg yolk and knead lightly until the dough comes together – it will be a sticky dough.
  3. Spread the dough into a 24cm tart pan.
  4. Lay a shrink wrap over the dough. Press and smoothen the dough into the pan to an even thickness. Remove the shrink wrap and freeze the dough for about 20 minutes.
  5. Cover the dough with aluminium foil or a baking paper and fill with pie weights or beans. This will keep the dough from slouching in the pan.
  6. Bake for 25 minutes at 180°C, and then remove the foil and beans.
  7. Bake for an additional 15 minutes until the crust is a light golden colour.
  8. Allow to cool to room temperature.
  9. TO MAKE THE CHOCOLATE PASTRY CREAM, Place the corn flour and the 40 g caster sugar in a bowl and combine well.
  10. Add in the egg yolks and whisk to a smooth paste.
  11. In a saucepan, bring the milk, remaining 50 g of the sugar, vanilla extract, and salt to a gentle simmer in a medium saucepan.
  12. Whisk the hot milk into the egg mixture, slowly in small amounts until the egg mixture is warm to the touch and then pour it back into the remaining milk in the saucepan.
  13. Bring the custard to a slow boil, whisking all the time until it thickens and is smooth and glossy.
  14. Remove from the heat and add the Q.B.B. ghee and chocolate to the pastry cream. Allow to sit for 3 minutes and then gently whisk them together.
  15. Pour the prepared pastry cream into a shallow container. Cover with shrink wrap to prevent a skin from forming. Set the container in the freezer for 15 minutes (this cools down the eggs quickly).
  16. Fill the cooled tart shell with the pastry cream. Decorate with the mango slices.


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