Baking In honour of Mothers

I strongly feel that cooking and baking is a true expression of love.  It is an interesting way to create beautiful and lifelong experiences for children.  The smell of your mother’s cooking and baking occupies that single-most important space in your heart and this certainly doesn’t fade with the passage of time!  At least not for me. Mothers always keep learning how to cook and bake the best food for their children.  And with all the mothers in mind, last Saturday, Q.B.B Pte Ltd sponsored a baking class in honour of Mother’s Day.


More than 21 participants took part in this hands-on baking sessions. The participants learnt to bake Baked Cheese cake with Fruits, Seafood Pie and Sausage and Mushroom Calzone.

mother daughter 2

It was an afternoon of fun, laughter and love.



Participants also understood how Q.B.B ghee makes the difference in baking.  One of the participants commented “for so many years I have seen the Q.B.B ghee in the shops but did not think that it is another form of butter!”.  She called me yesterday evening and told me how she successfully baked Calzone for her family and thanked me for giving her an opportunity to participate and learn.

Mother-daughter 1



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